Published Works

  • Pending: Anima Christi (unison with organ accompaniment, 1994; lyrical English setting of 14th c. text in John Henry Newman translation)
  • Pending: Benedictus es. Domine (unison with organ accompaniment, 1996; vigorous, tuneful English setting of the canticle from Song of the Three Young Men)
  • Pending: For the Bread that We Have Eaten (unison with organ accompaniment, 1992; lyrical setting of Communion text)
  • PPMO 1243 Locus iste (SATB unaccompanied, 1996; moderately difficult Latin setting of the Gradual for the Dedication of a Church)
  • Pending: The Prayers I Make Will Then Be Sweet Indeed (SATB with organ, 2011; English translation of Michelangelo text; moderately difficult with quiet opening and expansive ending)
  • Pending: The Altar (SATB with organ, 2011; George Herbert text, moderately difficult setting, strong final unison tune with forceful ending)
  • PPMO 1148: The Lord Is My Shepherd (two-part choir with organ, 2011; accessible lyrical setting of complete Psalm 23 text)
  • Pending: O quam metuendus est (SATB unaccompanied, 2011; Latin setting of Genesis 28:17 text, with concluding Alleluia)
  • PPMO 1110 Wondrous Love (SATB with descant and organ; substantial arrangement of traditional text and tune, with unaccompanied opening and inner verse, expansive ending)
  • PPMO 0816 A Prayer for the Evening (SATB unaccompanied, 2008; Newman’s “O Lord, support us all the day long…” prayer in a simple, quiet, chordal chant-like setting)
  • PPMO 0817 Two Brief Motets (unison with organ or keyboard, 2008; simple settings of Ave verum corpus and O Nata lux; lyrical style similar to Tantum ergo setting, below)
  • PPMO 0815 To the Divine Trinity (SATB unaccompanied, 2008; moderately difficult setting of Cranmer collect for Trinity Sunday)
  • PPMO 0323 That Most Excellent Gift of Charity (SATB unaccompanied, 2002; moderately difficult setting of Cranmer collect, similar in style to Trinity setting above)
  • PPMO 0040 Open, O Lord (SATB unaccompanied, 2000; “Open, O Lord, the eyes of all people…” from BCP 1979 Rite I Prayers of the People)
  • PPMO 0008 There is a Child Born (SATB with organ, 2000; Christmas anthem in bright tempo; 16th. c. macaronic text, English with Latin fragments, moderately difficult)
  • PPMO 0024 Two Contemplative Anthems (unison and two-part with organ, 2000; simple settings of “God Be In My Head” and “Three Things I Pray”)
  • PPMO 9520 O Salutaris Hostia (SATB unaccompanied, 1995; Latin strophic setting, medium difficulty)
  • PPMO 9111 Tantum ergo (unison with organ, 1991; lyrical Latin strophic setting, fairly easy)

Trinitas, Portland, OR
(imprint of Oregon Catholic Press)

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  • 4540 Three Unison Anthems for Communion (unison with organ, 1999; “Father, We Thank Thee,” “Be Known to Us,” “Strengthen for Service, Lord”; relatively easy settings)
  • 4539 Walk in Love (SATB with organ, 1999; setting of Eph. 5:2 offertory sentence, medium difficulty)

Earthsongs, Corvallis, OR

(541) 758-5760     ·

  • Ubi caritas (double SSA choir, unaccompanied, 1997;fairly difficult setting, varied verses with recurring refrain. St. Mary’s College Series.)
  • The Gentyle Storke (SSA unaccompanied, 1993; 16th c. English text, Christmas legend of the stork, tuneful, moderate difficulty)
  • Amice Christe, Johannes (TTBB unaccompanied, 1993; Hymn to St. John; Middle English with Latin refrain, fairly difficult)

Selah Press, Pittsburgh, PA

(800) 852-6172    ·

  • Pending Eternal Spirit (SATB with organ; substantial setting of contemporary Lord’s Prayer paraphrase by Jim Cotter; until publication occurs, please request examination copy directly from the composer)
  • 410-873 Beloved, Let Us Love (two-part anthem with organ, 2001; fairly easy setting; “Canticle N” in Enriching Our Worship, from I John 4)

Voice of the Rockies, Boulder, CO

(800) 783-1233      ·

  • VOR 142 V01 Pictures of Autumn, song cycle for soprano and piano  (1999; four poems of Sara Teasdale, medium/high voice, fairly difficult)

Music 70, New York, NY
(imprint of Lawson-Gould)

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  • M 70 674 Come, Thou Desire (SATB with organ, 1994; 18th c. English devotional text, Anne Steele; tuneful, medium difficulty)
  • M 70 705 Come, Let Us Join (SATB with organ, 1994; Dignus es paraphrase in English; quick and bright, medium difficulty)

Mark Foster, Champaign, IL
(now owned by Shawnee Press)

order from J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.  (800) 345-6296    ·

  • MF 3039 Prairie Waters by Night (SATB unaccompanied, 1992; secular poem of Carl Sandburg, fairly difficult setting)

Cathedral Music Press, Pacific, MO
(imprint of Mel Bay)

please request copies from the composer

  • MB 94397 A English setting of Phos hilaron (unison with organ, 1990; fairly easy, somewhat melismatic setting; no longer in print)